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These are the most ceremonious form of a gastronomic event. Individual meal courses are served to the guests sitting at smartly laid boards or round tables. Formal dresses are required – dinner-jackets for men and long gowns for women.



These are less formal gastronomic events. The receptions often take place during state visits, giving important awards and client events where the guests should be able to talk with each other. The refreshments are eaten in standing positions.



This a favourite, rather informal gastronomic event. Barbecues take place in open air and are suitable as client events or family celebrations. The main part of the refreshment is prepared by chefs on the grill before the guests.



These are less formal gastronomic events. They are suitable for events with an emphasis on social conversation. With the favourite flying buffet form, delicious snacks are literally coming flying on small plates in the guests’ mouths.



These are the most ceremonious family events. People understand the wedding as a vow given once in a lifetime, therefore much emphasis is put on banqueting the guests. The wedding day’s gastronomy starts in the bride’s place where the wedding guests gather before the ceremony.



These are social gatherings of professionals from various fields of health care, industry, agriculture and business. Although gastronomy is to play rather a marginal role here, its level determines the delegate concentration for a discussed topic.

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We have been there for you since 1990 and we are getting better

We serve nobility, kings and presidents

Not only is gastronomy our chosen profession, it’s also our main hobby. On all of our life tracks we have gone and in all the countries we have visited, we have gathered the necessary inspiration and experience that we now offer to you after more than 25 years of our practice in banquet providing.

In the past, we have served the famous aristocratic lineage of the Sternberks in their family residences, world kings and presidents on their state visits to the Czech Republic as well as all the presidents of our country after the velvet revolution. In 2012, we had the honour to serve Mr. Bill Clinton on his visit to Prague.

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What our clients say

  • “Let me express my warm thanks to you and your company workers for the great organization and professional attitude. All the served dishes and desserts were very good with professional staff and event arrangement.”

    PharmDr. Lubomír Chudoba – President of the Czech Pharmaceutical Association
  • “We would like to thank you for your great work at the event. Food, drinks, decoration and staff - everything was simply stunning.”

    Marie Bobisudová, Guarant international s.r.o.
  • “I would like to thank you for your great co-operation. With you as the leader, your whole team was charming, polite and very professional.”

    Edita Voldřichová Liptáková, Pro-Doma Building Materials
  • “Thank you for your good organization - we have been very satisfied. Also, our guests kept enjoying your very polite staff and food. Please give our thanks to all the people involved in the preparation and arrangement of the Sunday’s celebration. We are sure to recommend you further - we appreciated your totally professional attitude and your trying to meet all our requirements.”

    Hedvika Matesová - Individual
  • “Thank you very much for providing catering at the Czech and French automotive industry business conference at the French Embassy. I was very satisfied and so were the guests.”

    Ing. Darina Loulová, Business France ČR
  • “I would like to thank your for your perfect arrangement of the Zoo event. Please give my great thanks also to the whole Aristokrat catering team. Your operative potential problem solving and the operating staff’s agreeable philanthropic attitude are hardly to be seen elsewhere… Great thanks for doing your jobs perfectly! We also receive positive feedback from our clients for exceeding their expectations.”

    Kristýna Merhautová, Euro AWK s.r.o.

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